Time For Change!

Are you tired of slow or no results? The truth is most programs are built on standards and averages. The issue is no one is standard or average. What works for one often times will NOT work for another because we are all built differently. Click the learn more button below to see a normal case study.



We base all of our activities on science, we give you results and proof, NOT opinions or averages. Everything is custom tailored to maximize your time and get you to YOUR goals as fast and accurately as possible.

Our philosophy is to test you FIRST, create a complete program with nutrition and fitness, then test again. We want you to watch your REAL results show up on your testing scores. Before you know it you will be in the best shape internally and externally of your LIFE.

We have fun with our easy to use program and unlike other facilities ALL of our Breakers are college educated and certified by American Fitness University in our scientific approach to fitness and health. Every BOD (Breaker of The Day) has gone through extensive breaker training; this is not a weekend certification, Rock n Shock looks at the Breaker Certification as the navy seals of fitness.

The question is do you have what it takes to be UNBROKEN?