Customer Testimonials

I started working with Danielle Miranda in November of 2014 with the goal of competing in a figure competition. Once we got started, I quickly learned that I would gain much more than I would lose. Nutrition for me was my biggest challenge. Danielle held me accountable to my meal plan and pushed me when I needed it to ensure I met the goals I set forward for myself. While training with her, I lost about 30 lbs, reduced my body fat by 12%, made big improvements to my speed and endurance, improved my health numbers. I officially completed my goal on October 17th, when We (because I feel like we did it together) competed in the Natural Ohio Bodybuilding Association Fall Classic. I placed 3rd and 5th in the cateogories I competed. The biggest wins of the 10 months I spent training with Danielle were improved self confidence, belief in my own abilities, and a new friendship with a trainer who truly cares about the internal AND external health of her clients.

Ebone Akhibi

Having worked with a few of the Top notch trainers in Columbus, OH  I had the pleasure to spot the “IT” girl last year in 2014. Ms. Danielle Miranda is one of the “best.” I call her the quiet storm, yet  she is very humbled she comes loaded with a full package and a knockout blow in the way of being well and fit. She does not push  scales and no measuring food, but learning what food choices are best for you it’s not a one meal-plan for all!  Danielle’s  concept of training is  excellent and  innovative its nothing I have experience until I met her. The workouts are never the same each routine will be different with a twist.  Danielle will not only give you 100% in every workout  she will push you out of your comfort zone! Danielle hands down will sweep the nation off their feet with her new concept of training from inside out. I am grateful to know her and thank you Danielle Miranda for sharing your gift with others.

Millie Evans

I met Danielle truly by God's grace, I was at a point in my life where I needed inspiration to not only feel better about me physically but emotionally too. I was planning my wedding and I was down to the last 5 months and I really wanted to drop a couple sizes. Well with Danielles help not only did I drop a considerable amount of weight I gained a friend. She has such a love for people and their well being and it's so genuine! I am looking forward to seeing all God has planned for her life! Renee Jefferson

Renee Jefferson

I’d like to share with you my very recent experience with Danielle Miranda that literally changed, and probably saved, my life.

To start, I’m a 52 year old female that has been struggling for the past 10 years with a variety of issues – first was the diagnosis of arthritis in my wrists and knees. The doctors put me on flexiril and other anti-inflammatory drugs which only helped a little and had side effects I didn’t like. Then I was told I had elevated blood pressure (145/95) and was put on another pill to control that. Shortly after, I began having “issues” in the bathroom that resulted in a lot of frequent and urgent trips – always at the worst times! After being told I had colitis, I was put on yet another pill. Then I began to experience terrible carpel tunnel pain that often made it hard to hold or lift things with my right hand. Overall, during the past 3 years alone, I know that between my insurance company and my out of pocket costs, I’ve spent well over $125,000 trying to get things fixed, only to be given another pill.

I go to gym 5 to 6 days a week and try to do what I can to stay fit including 90 minutes of weight training and another 60-90 of cardio – and yet for the past 2 years I’ve gained weight, looked puffy, felt terrible, and frankly wasn’t enjoying life very much due to all the discomfort.

One day about a month ago, I had the very good fortune to engage Danielle Miranda in some conversation at the gym. She has this amazing energy, focus, intensity and brightness about her that made me want to ask her a few questions as she seems to embody everything I want to achieve. She was kind enough to listen to my story and very quickly identified that a lot of my issues were inflammation, and began to ask about my diet. I was all ready to boast about how healthy I eat, having an egg white omelet for breakfast with feta cheese and wheat toast, salmon with rice and broccoli for dinner, etc!

When she told me that eating animal protein with the rice was the first thing I was doing wrong, I was shocked – although I recalled hearing that many years before. But being a mother of two and making meals, I always put a carb with the steak or chicken or fish! Then she told me that most inflammation is caused by what we put in our bodies and that I should be tested for food sensitivities.

I immediately knew she really knew and understood nutrition as well as the fitness I had witnessed. I quickly took her advice and followed her recommendations to the letter. It turned out that quite a few of the foods I ate every week, and often together, were actually foods I was sensitive to! Who knew! Salmon and tuna – good bye! You’ve been replaced with foods that I CAN eat without issue.

Now here’s the fun part! Not only did the inflammation FALL off my body (I literally lost 13% of my total weight in 3 weeks (20 lbs) but all of my joint pain subsided and disappeared, my carpel tunnel pain totally disappeared, my high blood pressure is now actually low, and my colitis is not an issue anymore! Needless to say, I believe that Danielle saved my life and has renewed my health, fitness, and outlook on life! I can’t wait to get into Rock n Shock and become a Danielle Miranda regular! Being around her is an uplifting, energizing experience and I can’t wait for the next step in my transformation!!

Michele Taylor

What can I say about this talent, intelligent, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable person. I trained with Danielle close to a year for two days a week. I was looking for a trainer that was knowledgeable, dependable, and a person who was going to push me to be better. When I contacted Danielle she responded in a reasonable time and she set up an appointment to meet. In our initial meeting we went over what I did previously, what I was trying to achieve, if my goals and her training style was the proper fit. We also went over my nutrition because Danielle emphasize that training is not the ultimate way to reach my goal, but what I put in my body would be the determining factor. Danielle is extremely knowledge about nutrition as well. After the initial meeting I commenced my training with Danielle!!!

Was she challenging…ABSOLUTELY!!! Danielle always told me each training session, “You pay me to make you better.” She takes her time with each client and really focuses on each client during the sessions. She does an incredible job on making sure you understand what muscle group each exercise is working and that you have proper form. Danielle is a stickler for proper form, which will benefit each of her clients in the long run. Additionally, Danielle takes the time to check on you by phone or text later in the evening, to see how you are feeling after the workout or if you have any questions. Danielle is very dedicated to her business and clients.

By training with Danielle and listening to her in regards to my eating I saw a total transformation in my body. I am a mother of two (6 & 3 yrs old), working professional, wife, sit on boards, and volunteer. I knew with my busy life I needed help getting back into shape. I was able to meet my fitness and nutrition goals with the help and support of Danielle being a great trainer.

Thank you Danielle!!!

Leshel Hutchings

From our initial consultation, I have found Danielle to be an extremely detailed, knowledgeable, honest, and passionate professional, who is caring and concerned about her client’s health. I advised her of a very rare autoimmune disease as well as other underlying conditions. She followed up our initial meeting presenting me with information she had researched that would start me on the road to helping me help me. I was blown away by how detailed and thorough the plan was. I have been to numerous doctors in the 27 years of dealing with this rare condition, and none of them were as informative as she was. Wow!!

Danielle not only educated me but she took time to make sure I understood the plan answering any questions I had. To give you an idea of the amount of time she spent researching, the starting plan had at least 10 pages. She definitely is not your average or even a Personal Trainer. I look at her as a Health Coach. Now as for my progress, she let me know up front, that she can present me with the plan but it’s up to me to use it. This year my plan is to do just that. I thank you Danielle for your service of excellence and for providing me with a plan to “just start”.

Lynn Alexander

Whether you are dealing with a health issue or are simply resolving to become a healthier you, I can personally attest to the fact that you have come to the right place. Danielle Miranda has personally helped me on various occasions by helping me to get back to my pre-pregnancy self just 7 months after having my second baby, helping me to regulate my elevated thyroid levels and most recently helping me to beat Lyme Disease. The amazing part is that Danielle has helped me from hundreds of miles away! At no point have we met face-to-face so I can only imagine how Danielle is capable of helping an actual member of her facility.

I trust Danielle’s expertise and am fully confident that she can help anyone fight whatever health issue(s) they are confronted with. Danielle’s plans take commitment on your part but if you follow her instructions for a healthier you – I guarantee that you will see results. Thank you Danielle for getting me to where I need to be on more than one occasion.

I am truly grateful for your intervention in my life.

Zianette V. Frost