We have a wide array of services we offer our clients. Our services are always natural and organic. We believe in adopting a healthly lifestyle, not just looking good but to feel good as well. We offer various treatments that focus specifically having a peaceful, relaxed spa experience and leave just a bit healthier!




Getting fit is ALOT easier to achieve once you have a scientific break down of the internal workings of your body. Lets face the truth we are all built differently and have different needs. Only certified lab testing can provide you with answers on how to best address your current needs. EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST GUESSING.

Health Screening

We have developed three of the most comprehensive, non-invasive tests available in the world. Using the latest bio-technology, our safe and speedy procedure uses a sample of your hair which we test to get accurate results for you.

We only need one sample of your hair and using our extensive systems, we will email the results to you within just 15 -20 business days. Your test results will include all items which have shown intolerance of 85% and over.
After performing thousands of tests, we have found 85% to be the point at which symptoms begin to develop from intolerance.

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

We currently have three types of tests that could each benefit you in a different way:

Intolerance Test | We test your hair sample against 600 different food and non-food items to see what could be causing you issues.​

Metal Toxicity Test | Using the hair sample provided, we test against 24 different metals which you could be consuming or living near.

Nutrition Test | Here we reverse the test to see what you are lacking out of a list of 80 nutrients.

Our innovative one-step test enables us to produce a comprehensive report, divided into five areas:

  1. An introduction to your results explaining exactly what you need to do
  2. The items that appear on your results
  3. Where the items are found (i.e. where a particular tree originates, or what product a chemical is in)
  4. The nutrients your body is lacking (optional)
  5. Guidance on how your individual results can be reduced or aided


How much? How long? what intensity? what should I eat? Am I maximizing my time? - Don't let a coach or personal trainer guess these answers. Most of our clients spent years wasting time in other facilities with trainers and coaches who had a one for all mentality. Meaning they had a classes that fit everyone and everyone should eat chicken, salmon, and lettuce while guzzling down a gallon of water a day. No one can accurately guess what YOUR body needs, we are not saying you haven't gotten results, but rather is there a better way to get faster and better results based on your body.

More Details

Cardiorespiratory endurance indicates how well our body can supply fuel during physical activity via the body's circulatory and respiratory systems. Activities that help improve your cardiorespiratory endurance are those that cause an elevated heart rate for a sustained period of time. Our custom CAPS target a balanced cardio routine inside the workout, while testing with VO2 and ANT+ Monitors.


There are a number of ways to measure muscular strength in an individual. Generally, they involve lifting or pushing something of a set weight in a prescribed position and comparing the results against any given population. In general, if a muscle is worked consistently and regularly, it will eventually increase in strength. There are various ways of putting your muscles through rigorous activity, but anything that works a muscle until it is tired will increase muscle strength over time. As women, we must dedicate special attention to muscular size and strength so we promote a strong feminine shape. Our program will NOT bulk you up like Crossfit or traditional workouts. We focus on creating a toned sculpted look.


Alongside muscular strength, fitness can include muscular endurance, which is the ability of a muscle to continue exerting force without tiring. As mentioned above, resistance training induces muscle hypertrophy. In other words, strength training builds bigger muscles. Endurance training, on the other hand, does not necessarily generate muscles of a larger size. This is because the body focuses more on the cardiovascular system, ensuring that the muscles receive the oxygenated blood they need to keep functioning at the required level. Another important change in muscles that are specifically trained for endurance concerns the two types of muscle tissue - fast twitch and slow twitch fibers:


Fast twitch fibers: contract quickly but get tired quickly. They use a lot of energy and are useful for sprints. They are whitish in color as they do not require blood to function

Slow twitch fibers: best for endurance work, they can carry out tasks without getting tired. They are found in postural muscles and in elevated proportions in muscles necessary to keep exerting power over longer periods. These fibers appear red as they rely on a strong supply of oxygenated blood and contain stores of myoglobin.

Different exercises will promote fast twitch fibers, slow twitch fibers or both. A sprinter will have comparatively more fast twitch fibers whereas a long distance runner will have more slow twitch fibers. This is why we pay close attention to balance and form, our UNBROKEN women are not only top althetes but still maintain a soft feminine look.


Body composition measures the relative amounts of muscle, bone, water and fat. An individual can potentially maintain the same weight but radically change the ratio of each of the components that make up the body. For instance, people with a high muscle (lean mass) ratio weigh more than those with the same height and waist circumference who have less muscle. Muscle weighs more per cubic inch of volume than fat. In general, a lower fat ratio is generally beneficial, but the ideal body composition depends on the activity that the individual is being trained to carry out.7 For instance, the average percentage of fat in the body varies from sportsperson to sportsperson. Body composition is one of our core features at RNS FIT. Our woman look like women !! Your Body Composition needs tested and watched closely, only RNS maintains high repeat testing and monitoring.


Flexibility is increased by various activities, all designed to stretch joints, ligaments and tendons. There are three types of exercise that are generally utilized to increase flexibility:

Dynamic stretching: the ability to complete a full range of motion of a particular joint. This type of flexibility is used in standard "warming up" exercises as it helps ready the body for physical activity.

Static-active stretching: holding the body or part of the body in a stretched position and maintaining that position for a period of time. One example of static-active stretching is the splits.

Ballistic stretching: only to be used when the body is already warmed up and limber from exercise, it involves stretching in various positions and bouncing. Some bodies, including the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, believe that ballistic stretching can cause injuries.

To improve flexibility, there are a number of methods. A daily stretching regimen can be the simplest and most efficient way of achieving whole body flexibility.

Our BOD (Breaker of The Day) is fully trained in all aspects of our program. To become a breaker is no easy task, please refer to our Breaker page to learn more.