What are breakers?

Simply put breakers are the women who are able to run H.I.T.F.I.T classes. The real difference between a breaker and trainer is in the quality of training, time, internship and educational demands to become a breaker. Unlike traditional training certificates or CrossFit certifications becoming a breaker cannot happen in a couple days or weeks of training and there are mandatory pre-requisites.

Breakers actually have very little in common with certified trainers; breakers must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited university, and then be selected for enrollment at AFU (American Fitness University) where their training can begin.

Getting through AFU is no easy task; you will be trained on Biology, Chemistry, Physiology, Kinesiology, various scientific testing principles and much more. These classes are all prerequisites before learning the H.I.T.F.I.T (High Intensity Timed Functional Interval Training) methodology exclusively used by breakers.

In order to get your certification you must pass five separate sections;

Written (Multiple choice, short answer, T/F)
Oral (Basic Q&A)
Client Study (Verbal Case Study)
Practical (In Gym)

Each of these test are administered by an AFU staff member, in person and graded as any traditional college level exam. The final decision on certification is made via a council of AFU staff or board members.

To be very clear 90% of the people who attempt to become breakers do NOT pass one or more of the sections their first time through. When this happens the potential breaker must wait six months before attempting the test a second time.

There is a very high washout rate as only the best of the best can call themselves Breakers. AFU ensures each graduating certificate holder is an expert in the field of health and fitness. Even level 1 certificate holders.

If you think you have what it takes Contact AFU and apply, if you do not have a bachelor's degree they are also an accredited university that offers bachelor's degrees.