Our experience has taught us that everyone is built differently. Rock N Shock's system works everytime because it is based on science. We take each client through a complete health and fitness screening while also checking your allergens, DNA and current health condition by sending saliva, blood, or a hair sample to our lab. Afterwards we check your fitness level with our VO2 system, CAPS and professionally trained Breakers.


Westerville Ohio Crossfit Rehab

One only has to talk to your local physical therapist or do a quick internet search to find out just how dangerous CrossFit can be for people. A quick Google search will show you lists of PT’s in Westerville Ohio who specifically treat CrossFit injuries. (www.physicaltherapists.com/CrossFit) They add themselves to these lists because these type injuries are a large percent of their business. One local PT said up to 22% of his business is from CrossFit, so he has a love/hate view of CrossFit.

There is much debate on this topic however stack has posted the latest research; in a recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, researchers surveyed 132 CrossFit athletes. They found that "97” (73.5%) participants had sustained an injury that had prevented them from working, training or competing." Of these injuries, nine required surgery.

In fact the study has shown shoulder injury rates exceed those of Olympic weightlifting.

This research confirms what we expected - CrossFit is not the worst thing in the world, as some people want you to believe. But it's not the safest thing either. If you're simply looking to get stronger, burn fat or enhance your performance, trying to mimic a CrossFit type workout is not wise. However, making smart decisions with your training will help you train longer, hard, faster and most of all SAFER. If you are close to Westerville Ohio, please stop in and look at our alternative to CrossFit.

With Rock-N-Shock Fitness you are guaranteed the safest and most effective workout routine that is scientific proven to get you the results you are seeking, in the shortest amount of time and least cost, we are located in all of Westerville Ohio.

Staff - RNS Fitness