Our experience has taught us that everyone is built differently. Rock N Shock's system works everytime because it is based on science. We take each client through a complete health and fitness screening while also checking your allergens, DNA and current health condition by sending saliva, blood, or a hair sample to our lab. Afterwards we check your fitness level with our VO2 system, CAPS and professionally trained Breakers.



Lets begin by saying we have no skin in the game, we do not sell any MLM products or business opportunities. We simply look into all the opportunities out there to find real results, by real we mean results of people who have used the product, NOT selling the products. We also seek out reviews from licensed, educated medical professionals to let them weigh in on the product line. We will start with Advocare and list the various reviews with links below.

When Searching for Advocare reviews we stubbled upon this link Advocare Reviews now mind you these seem to be non health professionals but people who have taken the product.

The first article we read was by Katy HaldiMan, MS, RN and nutritional writer her article entitled Why "Geetting Sparked Up" With Advocare Is Not Healthy was a pretty straight forward read. Also with the allowance of comments you can read the MLM business owners defense.

We were also able ot find an article on Advocare: What they don't want you to know! this article seems to focus on the business model. their medical board and the writters perspective on healthy. Although I am not confident the writter is a medical professional it is interested to learn about the Advocare board and lack of specific backing by this group.

I also went to Amazon to get some unbias feedback from people who have bought the products and notice their were 113 reveiews with 43% (the largest percent) being one star.

We also found an extensive article by Dr. Czys he is a Chiropractor, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Wellness Practitioner, Certified Nutrition Counselor, and Professional Speaker. His article was entitled The Truth about Advocare this article was very informative and logical.

Check back soon we will continue to update the search for articles and reviews.

We are trying to find positive Advocare reviews and articles but so far the ones we are able to locate are by distributors, which we believe maybe a bit bias.

Staff - RNS Fitness