Our experience has taught us that everyone is built differently. Rock N Shock's system works everytime because it is based on science. We take each client through a complete health and fitness screening while also checking your allergens, DNA and current health condition by sending saliva, blood, or a hair sample to our lab. Afterwards we check your fitness level with our VO2 system, CAPS and professionally trained Breakers.



Don't be a sucker; find out the real info, not from nutrition stores, MLM sales people or product sales material. We will do the research for you, we will find experts to chime in on various supplement lines and the benefits or drawbacks of each. Snake oil salesman have been around as long as mankind itself, be cautious on what you put in your body. We do not believe all supplements are bad, we even produce our own, that being said we know EVERYTHING that is in our supplements, do you know everything that is in yours?.

Lets see what the experts have to say on the subject;

Body by Vi
ItWorks - Coming Soon Fininding Research
Progenex - Coming Soon Fininding Research

The Only thing that is supplemented is the Gym owners income. Do you have a suplpement line you want reviewed? Contact RNS and we will see what we can find.

Staff - RNS Fitness