Reward yourself

We reward our clients based on a point system, the more you hit your target zones the more points you earn. The points are good for Saunas, Hyperbaritc chamber, Oxygen Bar, Clothing or a host of other goodies. How do we determine your target zone? Read on to learn more.


After you complete your VO2 test the results will tell us your optimum fitness range. We will then place that range into our software.
When you arrive into our gym your name will automatically be displayed on the gym monitor, the monitor will track the level of your workout and assign a point value. The harder you work the more points you earn.

At the end of each session you will receive an email to track your workout, points and tracking. You will also be able to login to our custom portal and view your prior workouts and total points. You can save points as long as you like or spend them at any time.

The points can be redeemed for any product or service we offer in RNS. You can shop in our store using your points, cash or a combination.

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VO2 Testing
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Reward yourself with a new you and cool gear and services.