New Women Only Facility Offers Inside/Out Approach to Health and Fitness

Our experience has taught us that everyone is built differently. Rock N Shock's system works everytime because it is based on science. We take each client through a complete health and fitness screening while also checking your allergens, DNA and current health condition by sending saliva, blood, or a hair sample to our lab. Afterwards we check your fitness level with our VO2 system, CAPS and professionally trained Breakers.

New Women Only Facility Offers Inside/Out Approach to Health and Fitness


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Contact: Michele Mooney
June 28,2016

New Women Only Facility Offers
Inside/Out Approach to Health and Fitness


(Columbus, OH)---Rock N Shock Fitness, a unique approach to health and fitness will celebrate its grand opening on Saturday, July16 from 10 a.m - Noon. at its brand new, women-only facility at 5901 Chandler Court, Westerville.

Rock N Shock (RNS), founded by Danielle Miranda, is the first-of-its-kind facility to offer an inside/out approach to create custom lifestyle plans for each client.

Each new client at RNS begins with VO2 and RMR Testing. VO2 is a numerical measurement of the body’s ability to consume oxygen. During the VO2 testing, Rock N Shock measures the volume of oxygen consumed at various intensity levels. RMR, “Resting Metabolic Rate” testing measures how much food, or energy, is required to maintain basic body functions such as heartbeat, breathing, and maintenance of body heat while you are in a state of rest. Clients also receive a health screening when a hair sample is taken and evaluated against 600 different food and non-food items to identify what could be causing health issues. Results of the VO2 and RMR testing help RNS determine the client’s custom exercise plan while the hair test helps to create the personal eating plan.

“As a Division 1 college athlete and fitness and figure competitor, I was always diligent about exercise and eating well and living what I believed to be a healthy lifestyle,” said Miranda. “That being said, I suffered from a variety of ailments from digestive problems and acne to overwhelming fatigue.”

It was after Miranda began looking at the foods she ate, she was able to learn of food sensitivities that were hindering her healthy efforts. Armed with over a decade of fitness expertise, Miranda also replaced daily trips to the gym with streamlined workouts that were more efficient and fueled her body with foods that were right for her. She took this personal experience and began changing lives through her personal training business.


One of her satisfied clients, a man who lost 140 lbs. off of his 400 lb. frame, also happened to be a technology expert and created a software program for Miranda’s unique program enabling her to offer customized plans to more people. This helped frame the concept for a RNS facility where people can better understand their bodies and how to eat and exercise properly.

RNS clients are placed in an exercise level based on the results of their VO2 and RMR tests. RNS exercise classes are offered in all levels and each level incorporates cardio, weight resistance/toning and rest periods.

During the Open House women can learn about RNS, tour the facility, enjoy healthy refreshments and enter to win a Rock N Shock Evaluation (VO2, RMR and Hair Test), VO2 and RMR Testing session or a therapeutic massage.

About Rock N Shock
Rock N Shock is the first health and wellness facility to combine science and fitness for optimum benefits. Each client receives a custom lifestyle plan which details exercise and diet based on scientific test results. The women-only facility offers level based fitness classes, professional exercise and nutrition consultation, oxygen therapy, massage and infrared sauna.