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Our Community

Our all-female community was built so that we can support one another while at the same time having fun. We have social activities outside of the gym. Participation is not mandatory, but it is recommended. We will have a lot of fun!

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Time For Change!

Are you tired of slow or no results? The truth is most programs are built on standards and averages. The issue is no one is standard or average. What works for one often times will NOT work for another because we are all built differently. Click the learn more button below to see a normal case study.

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I started working with Danielle Miranda in November of 2014 with the goal of competing in a figure competition. Once we got started, I quickly le...

Ebone Akhibi

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Having worked with a few of the Top notch trainers in Columbus, OH I had the pleasure to spot the IT girl last year in 2014. Ms. Danielle Mira...

Millie Evans

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I met Danielle truly by God's grace, I was at a point in my life where I needed inspiration to not only feel better about me physically but emoti...

Renee Jefferson

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Id like to share with you my very recent experience with Danielle Miranda that literally changed, and probably saved, my life.

To ...

Michele Taylor

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What can I say about this talent, intelligent, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable person. I trained with Danielle close to a year for two d...

Leshel Hutchings

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From our initial consultation, I have found Danielle to be an extremely detailed, knowledgeable, honest, and passionate professional, who is cari...

Lynn Alexander

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Science That Works

Let's face it: everyone is different! We all have different needs both internally and externally. Traditional gyms and trainers rely on guessing, averages, and a "what works for one will work for all" theory. It's typical for trainers to throw out a blanket statement, like, "Drink one gallon of water each day". While this could possibly be true for some individuals, you may in fact need more or less water. The same ideology often holds true for creating fitness plans and meal plans. Sure, it may work eventually, but is it working efficiently? Introducing scientific principles into a holistic health and fitness plan achieves optimal progress that will last a lifetime. Your body is unique. Your fitness solutions must be unique too. Your trainer has about as much of a chance guessing the best meal plan for you as they do for guessing your blood type. Stop the guessing. Come to RNS for REAL, PERSONALIZED answers.



Reward yourself

We reward our clients based on a point system, the more you hit your target zones the more points you earn. The points are good for Saunas, Hyperbaric Chamber, Oxygen Bar, Apparel and a host of other goodies. How do we determine your target zone? Read on to learn more.